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Featured – Review of 'Still Have You To Hold' by Warsaw Radio.

Warsaw Radio are a Brighton based folk five-piece band. Channeling big folk-pop moments reminiscing Frank Turner, while throwing in inspirations of Wilco and Fleetwood Mac, ‘Still Have You to Hold’ is a bold mix of the relevant and the retro. The latest single from the band, sees the group sweeten together personal lyrics with compelling string arrangements in an adventurous 4 minutes.

The lyrics are, and should rightly be, the focus for this track which is constructed out of the purest and most honest reflection of feelings, all displayed with a delicate backdrop of the most suitable instrumentation. There are multiple moments throughout this track where the vocals and instrumentation have time to dwell, build and soar together in harmony.
‘Still Have You to Hold’ feels so radio and chart ready that we will be shocked if it does not make distinct waves in an industry that needs the sort of music that Warsaw Radio are able to inspire. There are varying amounts of subtlety and timelessness, blending with a feel so in tune with captivating the imagination of listeners both new and old that this track needs to be heard by all.

Warsaw Radio have live dates coming up in the coming weeks at the venues listed below:
Aug 20th – Beautiful Days Festival, Devon

Aug 27th – Big Little Festival, Brighton


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