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Featured – Salvation Jayne 'Moves That Make The Record Skip' Review.

Featured this week brings you an E.P review of four-piece band Salvation Jayne titled ‘Moves That Make The Record Skip’. Salvation Jayne formed in 2013 and have worked hard in earning the respect of music fans across the UK ever since. They have gained a large supportive fanbase after their many performances at several prestigious venues and festivals, with an E.P that might just help to further their fanbase.
Salvation Jayne
The Motel.
You’re introduced to ‘Moves That Makes The Record Skip’  through a varied soundscape which resembles the flickering of TV channels, even including some lines from classic British programmes. It’s an inventive introduction to an E.P which is welcomed as a listener, giving you something that feels fresh and well thought out.
Burn it Down.
‘Burn It Down’ is received by your ears through a lengthy introduction made up of heavy drums, wide guitars and a bass drop that plants you firmly amongst the instrumentation. One thing that has to be highlighted are the various mixing techniques used throughout ‘Burn It Down’ which further adds to the sense that the most impressive features of the track were realised early on in the production process. The little bass licks, highlighting the dynamic elements of the drums, the distortion and placement of the guitars as well as the strength and directness of the vocal all go towards an enhanced final product that benefit the listener.
The track is undoubtedly the strongest on the E.P. The only thing worth mentioning is that the track would still hold up if it started from the bass drone at 00:21. This observation is more of a personal preference as we enjoy getting to the meat of the track.
The Jailer.
With ‘The Jailer’, right away you’re plunged into a sonic sound submission. It has a nostalgic tone, which is a selection of welcomed, rough vibes.
The pacing throughout the duration of the track feels right and is effective. The tones that are produced through the guitars are great and once again there is space aplenty for the bass and drums to sit in and play their role. The vocal and lyrics pull you in with a measured, controlled and thoughtful performance, all executed with great success.
‘Thrillride’, however, does have nostalgic undertones that we can identify with ease, due to a track that may (or may not) have provided a slight inspiration. Place ‘Cream – Sunshine of Your Love’ on and pretend to not hear the similarities in the first few seconds between the drum and bass notes that ring out between both tracks. Perhaps we should put it down to good taste and an ear for good music?
Either way, ‘Thrillride’ is still a track that will force the E.P forward in anyone’s estimates. The difference with this track compared to the others is that there seems to be more focus on the instrumentation, and the vocals feel more settled in the mix rather than being stand out.
Whorehouse Down on The S.E
The track itself has a solid rhythm that keeps you engaged for large portions, and the variety in the arrangement hooks you back when you feel your attention beginning to falter.
Vocally, the lyrics can be heard, the space given to the vocals are again effective and are supported nicely at various points through additional vocals with various effects and panning. The very faint male vocal between transitions adds another dimension to an already great sounding track.
Our only criticism is that we would have loved to have heard more of a dynamic vocal range. There were various points where we got drawn in and felt the build of the energy but didn’t quite get the payoff we were expecting. No doubt though, we got fully into the gritty vibe of the track, it’s just a shame there wasn’t more of an attitude and a bit more emotion to really drive home that final knockout to an otherwise fantastic E.P.
Final Thoughts
Overall, ‘Moves That Make The Record Skip’ is a strong product from Salvation Jayne. The various points that we have picked up on should in no way be seen as negatives, more as constructive points that differ between listeners. You’ll find this E.P produces all of the right emotions that the tracks aim to convey and is a thankful product that fans and new listeners alike will be proud to hear.
It’s a solid representation of where the band are at in their timeline as they continue growing and build on their current success. However, if this is what they give us now, then we better batten down the hatches and adjust our seats for their next release.
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