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Feeling A Bit Lethargic? Then Get ‘White Raven Down’s’ Latest Track In Your Ears!

White Raven Down have managed to catch our attention and then some with their release titled ‘Salvation‘, taken from their debut EP ‘Conspiracy’. The four-piece are situated in Essex, made up of members Bill (Vox), Stu (Guitar), Luke (Bass) and Tom (Drums). White Raven Down have recieved fantastic support from a number of angles in regards to their most recent work. BBC Introducing have been showing love for the band from one angle, whilst the band have ammased 10,000 views on their music video for previous track ‘Take Me‘.

However, the bands uniquesness and individuality shine through in their latest video for track ‘Salvation‘.

Salvation’ emits a level of energy that will instantly see you connect with the four-piece. With dynamic vocals, a haunting and alluring tone and reverberant guitars, it’s no surprise that this track hits like a sledgehammer but is polite enough to keep you around for the duration.

It’s a fine example of what belief and understanding in your ability can deliver. The performance in the video, the performance throughout the track itself and the overall feeling just adds so much weight and direction to an already great body of work. Passion shines through in almost every aspect and the performance and I will be amazed if anyone is not able to pick up on this themselves.

The vocals are placed so well amongst the mix that the track has the ability to shine without taking away anything from any performance given throughout. In fear of repeating myself due to how great I think this track is, I will have to hold fire a litte. But be under no illusions, I am a huge fan of this band upon hearing this track.

It’s an honest track, with a punch as hard the Hulks and an energy that would see the most lethargic amongst us get completly pumped. I look forward to seeing what else is to come in the furute from White Raven Down.

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