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FF: Dan Croll, Rye Milligan, Cascade, S.YVER

We are bringing it home this week with Friday’s Finest! With our fellow lockdown leviathons of all things music, It’s All Indie, Indie Central Music and Turtle Tempo. We have all things emerging music ready to go. In otherwords, sit back, relax and get aquiainted with what’s to follow.

Nexus Music Blog

S.YVER – crowd

S.YVES Image
S.YVES Image

As far as emerging artist’s go, S.YVER is displaying what great emerging music can sound like. Weaved together in a home recording studio, it looks like S.YVER have found the fabric of their music from humble beginnings. Made up of S.YVER and Pedro Duarte, the duo might need a little work on their profile cohesion (constructive critisicm, honest!). We have found S.YVER fronting all photos and socials, yet Pedro is featured on the website under ‘Who is S.YVER’. However, I’m going to assume that this is a duo as Pedro is quoted on the website. Fans, I welcome your corrections!

Branding and helpful critique aside. The duo clearly know the constructs of a good track. Following the latest release titled ‘crowd’, a clear marker has been placed of what is to come. As a result, listeners will be pleased to know that our verdict is one which places S.YVER in amongst the most anticipated acts of 2021. Of course, hard work is still needing to be done to flesh out a full catalogue. Then again, it is early days. We are already getting vibes of Frank Ocean, Healyum, Aluna George and a whole host of other artists. In conclusion, if you’re a lover of an emerging talent, just be sure to press play and get this into your playlist.

Indie Central Music

Dan Croll – ‘Grand Plan / Work’

Credit Max Knight
Credit Max Knight

On Wednesday (April 15th) Dan Croll announced his third LP is on the way with the release of two new singles ‘Grand Plan’ and ‘Work’.

Three years on from the release of the Liverpool musician’s sophomore album ‘Emerging Adulthood’, Dan said the album, aptly titled ‘Grand Plan’, is his best work yet; narrating the huge changes he’s seen in his life.

He said on Facebook: “Firstly the tracks, these are two of my favorites! One is called ‘Grand Plan’, a track that I wrote on vocals and guitar from the foot of my bed in Koreatown whilst struggling to find my footing in an entirely new country.

“The other is called ‘Work’. Which is about the excitement of a new relationship, and the jump from something casual to something more serious.

“Now the album, ‘Grand Plan’! I’m SO excited for you all to hear this album. I recorded it in Richmond, Virginia, with the most talented musicians I’ve ever gotten to play with. And it was produced by the Matthew E. White.

“It’s a whole new sound for me, something I feel best represents my musical influences. And it also tells the story of a huge life change from start to finish!”

Other singles we can expect on the album include his other releases this year, including: ‘Stay in L.A.’ and ‘Actor With A Loaded Gun’.

Grand Plan is out in full on August 21st. You can pre-order CD, Vinyl and Merch bundles now at

It’s All Indie

Rye Milligan – Silhouette

Rye Milligan Image
Rye Milligan Image

The singer-songwriter Rye Milligan has recently shared his anthemic and electronic new tune “Silhouette”. And my gosh did we smash that play button again after we first heard it. If you find that he looks familiar, there is a reason. He’s the guitarist from Luna Bay who we’ve posted about before. However, this is his solo work and currently it’s doing bits in the It’s All Indie group-chat.

The track is laden with gorgeous guitar tones. And if you’re wondering what gets me going? Head to the 1 minute 10 seconds mark and that guitar sound – there – is just beautiful. Much like his vocals, the track is very versatile. It get’s you wanting to head back into a music venue to see this in a live setting – as he plays this live – you know it’ll be special

Speaking the song Rye says – ” … “I’ve been tweaking this song’s production on and off for near three years. The actual song fell out in an evening. But the mix, I’ve been working on that for a while. One night when revisiting it, my housemate Alex Ross, (the drummer for Luna Bay) heard it and liked it. Seeing him excited about my solo music kind of gave me the confidence to get back into it and properly finish the track off. Thanks Alex! And also thanks to all the people that have shown support for my music. The feeling’s magic.”

You can check out Rye Milligan’s stunning new track “Silhouette” down below. However, don’t forget to add it into your playlists. Be sure to follow him on the socials and check out his back catalogue – all equally amazing in their own way.

Turtle Tempo

Cascade – Coming Back To You

Credit Oakmist Photography, CASCADE
Credit Oakmist Photography

Remember the name Cascade. Based in Guildford, the quartet produce an entirely original, cool blend of guitar driven rock. For fans of the likes of Arctic Monkeys – their new tune ‘Coming Back To You’ will blow your socks off.

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