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FF: ft/ Lost Like Alice, The Valla, Jimmy Herrity and James Humphrys

We all know the drill by now, don’t we? Take a gander at this weeks picks for Fridays Finest. Brought to you as always, with love, from ourselves, Indie Central Music, It’s All Indie and Turtle Tempo!

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Lost Like Alice

Lost Like Alice

Lost Like Alice needs no introduction to our audience here at Nexus. The brain child of Ben Parker, Lost Like Alice sees the return of the mellow, subtle tones that Lost Like Alice has become known for.

Providing a change of pace and always with a welcoming, heartfelt feeling that is embodied with passion and a delicate undertone. “Today” summarises the very best of Ben, and his ability to capture a moment and really project it into a version of reality that sits with ease on the listeners’ ears. As the audience, you can all but guarentee that you’re going to get all of Ben during his performances. And this latest offering just adds to an already fantastic back catologue that any music fan would welcome with open arms and open ears.

Indie Central Music

The Valla


London quartet The Valla return with new summery indie pop single ‘Ice Cream’.

Recorded and produced by Andy Hall (Bastille), the track offers a feel-good vibe that’s just in time for summer. It follows on from 2010’s debut EP Chemicals which features a previous Friday Finest pick called ‘Lately’.

Holding the line between Pop and rock, inspired by the likes of Cage the Elephant and Gang of Youths, the band (George Coulson, Jay Williamson, Hamish Knowles, Alex Walker) play what they describe as ‘music for damaged souls’ for those craving a deeper meaning in life.

On the track, the told The AU Review: “We’ve had this song written about wanting to escape from mundane everyday life for a very long time now. Due to the current times, its meaning has become particularly resonant! – The Valla ”

Check out their music video which features fans rocking their best moves in summery outfits and, of course, ice cream emojis.

It’s All Indie

Jimmy Herrity

Jimmy Herrity
Jimmy Herrity

Not hiding behind any moniker, Jimmy presents his most personal art to date. Released last month in April the song is a snapshot of two men on the edge at different moments in time. The track is so hauntingly beautiful and yet so tender and heartbreaking at the same time.

Jimmy says – “One year ago my brother took his own life. It absolutely shattered my world, my heart and mind to pieces. I immediately began writing songs to document the grief. Some are raw knee-jerk reactions to the horror of the situation, some reflective and hopeful and some utilise words he left behind combined with my own. The music itself is ambient, emotive and somewhat progressive. I realised I needed my own personal platform away from anyone else to showcase this emotional dialogue inside”.

Jimmy Herrity’s major influences are bands and acts such as The National, Cigarettes After Sex, Bon Iver and Radiohead amongst many, and you can clearly hear some of them very prominently here. The song has a melodic feel which you will fond in some of Cigarettes After Sex work and delightful guitar tones that build and build much like a Radiohead epic. The track is nothing short of a masterpiece – I can’t praise it any more.

Turtle Tempo

James Humphrys

James Humpry
James Humprys

James Humphrys – Colour ‘Colour’ is the first James Humphrys single to be dropped from the Bristol-based artists second EP, and if Colour is anything to go by, then it’s going to be a huge EP.

Highly energetic, fun and uplifting – the indie-pop track features a blend of indie influences, with a cheeky bit of jazz thrown in when you’re least expecting it. The multi-instrumentalist had written the song while working as a musician on a cruise ship off the coast of Alaska. James Humphrys forthcoming second EP titled ‘Memoryr Palace’ is set for release on 10th July.

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