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Crooked Flames Smash Onto Scene With ‘We Talk About It’

Crooked Flames‘ have recently released their latest track titled ‘We Talk About It‘, and it’s not very often you’ll hear a track this good so early on in a band’s music career. Although they can perhaps take much experience from how the band has been formed, which does no harm in being an integral part of the early success this track is sure to bring ‘Crooked Flames‘.

Having been forged from the ashes of various other bands in Sheffield, ‘Crooked Flames‘ are now well on the way to being noticed as serious contenders for one of the best up and coming bands around. To date, they have already supported other bands such as The Amazons and JUDAS, with an appearance at Tramlines Festival to come towards the end of July.

We Talk About It‘ is an energetic and compelling blend of guitar hooks, great musicianship and a vibe that is sure to make you an instant fan of the band. Throughout the track, you can’t help but get the feeling of the band’s confidence in both their sound and ability. They exude a level of connectivity and understanding with their audience and they keep that connection intact throughout, a connection so stable it would make BT feel envious.
Humour, fact and hard truths for BT aside, this track excels in both content and deliverance. It sounds and feels current, with an honest and driven approach supported by an instant good vibe feeling. One thing is for certain, you will not be able to get away from this track without learning the chorus, it’s catchy, well written and sounds fantastic. It’s a track that deserves to be performed at festivals over the summer and will live long in the memory of listeners.

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