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Crybaby Special – ‘Let The Boy Down’ Track and Video Review.

Crybaby Special‘, an indie / ska / punk band from Kent who prides themselves in being a crossover between multiple genres recently released their latest single. Titled ‘Let The Boy Down‘, it has gone on to catch the attention of many and has not gone unnoticed by us here at Nexus.

Let The Boy Down‘ is an infusion of various genres, providing a varied plethora of colourful sound, fused into a near three-minute mash-up of madness, vibrancy and energy. It’s the sort of music that not only gets you out of bed, but gets you down to a gig and proves that British music still has a lot of offerings in the form of creative inspiration which is provided by bands such as ‘Crybaby Special‘.
There is an undeviating feeling that ‘Crybaby Special‘ have further grown and continued to build on the sound found throughout their music. Think ‘Madness‘ mixed with ‘King Blues‘ and you’ll be on track in hearing the various influences that the current record combines to deliver such a dynamic product.
The video on the other hand, is a reserved performance which allows you to focus on the craftsmanship that has gone into the very fabric of the track. Allowing you to tune yourself in and get acquainted with the vibes that will drag you in and under all at the same time. Overall, the video is an offering to audiences that allows them to see that sometimes they require a little less visually, in order to hear a lot more musically.
Let The Boy Down‘ deploys all of the traits that are seeing ‘Crybaby Special‘ become the serious up-and-comers that they are. Displaying a vibrancy and energy to their music, they display an all-consuming experience for audiences whilst subtly slipping nostalgia to listeners in an equal and welcomed measure.
Be sure to watch the video for ‘Let The Boy Down‘ below:
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