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Junction 25 'Wait For Me' EP Review

Junction 25, based in Nottingham are a band that we reviewed a little while ago and consists of singer/songwriter Lewis Hall (guitar and vocals), James Atkins (lead guitar) and Ben Abrahart on (drums). Junction 25 have soulful tones and a sound that feels nostalgic, all contained amongst a very human feel which leads to an EP that pulls you in and allows you to relax and feel at home in amongst the canvas of music effortless weaved by the trio.
We had the pleasure of being able to hear the four tracks off of their latest EP ‘Wait For Me’ and we can assure you that there is little disappointment to be had. The music that the band are playing may not be overly similar to the music topping the charts at the moment, but in a way that is more than acceptable. The tracks are an ode to the very fabric of creative songwriting and the content by Junction 25 helps to return that sense of time and depth spent constructing a song to the listener that at times feels lost in a musical, chart type ocean of generic tunes and template infused hits.
We can not wait for these tracks to be released to the wider public and hope to be seeing Junction 25 in a venue near us soon.
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