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Land Before Bedtime Take Centre Stage With Release of ‘Broadway’.

Broadway, often synonymous with drama, energy, passion and emphasis. It is these very qualities of actual Broadway that Harley Light and his latest project Land Before Bedtime have embodied in the latest track which places him firmly in Feels Fresh Weekly with the track aptly titled ‘Broadway‘. You can listen to the track by clicking here on our Unearthed playlist.
Harley Light (Land Before Bedtime) has already walked much of what seems to be an exciting path in the world of music. Having played alongside Slaves guitarist Laurie Vincent in his first musical outfit, Blanco Diesel, Light then went on to join a hip-hop/funk collective in Brighton, gaining attention from the likes of Dirty Hit Records (The 1975, Wolf Alice) and Atlantic Records (Eurythmics, Florence and the Machine). After the band split after showcases for Island Records at Metropolis Studios (Adele,Kendrick Lamar), Light then began to self-teach himself production.
The cover art ties in with the drama and emotion found throughout the track. Harley goes on to mention that:
“The song refers to an aspiring actor I met whilst on my travels in America last summer. He detailed of his time in New York, and his experiences there whilst trying to make it on Broadway. I found his story interesting and felt a similarity with any passion, especially mine in music. So I really understood what it felt like to put everything you have into it. The song is from his perspective”.
The mix of hip-hop, trap and electronic pop is blended together perfectly alongside a low end that seems to resonate with the weight of the journey that the actor, which inspired the track, has gone through. The energy of the track itself latches onto you, amongst the drama of strings, piano arpeggios and vocal shouts it all draws you into what feels like more than just a track, but an entire performance which is deserving of the very stage that the word Broadway brings to mind.
It’s not hard to see why Abbie McCarthy and Radio 1 have picked up on previous releases, even going so far to earn the ‘Record of the Week’. You can also hear the song by clicking here on our Unearthed playlist.
We hope the achievements and accomplishments keep rolling in for Land Before Bedtime. Our eyes are firmly set on the path that LBB are sure to tread and set alight in the same immersive manner in which Broadway demands.

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