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‘MADDOX’ Impress With Debut Track ‘Just Like You’.

MADDOX, a five piece band from Hertfordshire has been making waves in the industry of late with their latest track ‘Just Like You’ and their accompanying video. The band is made up of members Jak Melvin (Vocals), Tyler Smythe (Bass), Elliot Smythe (Guitar), Jim Taylor (Guitar), Elliot Bick (Drums) who have all wasted no time in jumping in at the deep end and making every opportunity count with a track as good as you could ask for from any band.
450x450bbMADDOX have managed to create a track in ‘Just Like You’ that holds your attention for a longer duration than an iPhone holds its charge. The near three-minute musical embodiment of mayhem is refreshing and welcomed at a time when the industry is producing many great bands and artists, MADDOX is no exception to this.
The first thing you notice from listening to ‘Just Like You’ is a raw feeling of definition. With a guitar riff to introduce you to a track that has fantastic songwriting and qualities in the vocal aching to that of early Arctic Monkeys records. It’s a masterful piece of work as a debut and is as lively as it is infectious, an early crowning achievement by a newly established band.
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The video for ‘Just Like You’ is as enjoyable as the track is interesting, all in equal measures. We applaud the level of ingenuity that has gone into making this video and in no way envy the editing team or individual that put it all together. The video seems to be a fair reflection of the mood that the band portray throughout the track, with a playful, upbeat and charismatic feel throughout the video.
It won’t be long before MADDOX draw in even greater levels of appreciation for what they are doing than they already have. Having slots at Stanton Calling Festival this weekend followed with a performance at London venue Nambucca in August, it really isn’t hard to see why these guys register on the radar of venues and festivals as they are sure to draw in crowds.
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