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Tom Williams ‘All Change’ Album Review

Tom Williams is an artist that instantly strikes you with a sense of nostalgia and an unswerving devotion to true musicianship. Those with knowledge of Tom will know much of his background is inspiring and interesting all the same. If by chance you are not as familiar with Tom as others, then we did an interview with him just this week detailing many aspects about him and his latest album, all of which can be found here.
A little while back, Williams was the frontman of Kent based folk-rock band Tom Williams & The Boat. Tom Williams & The Boat went from strength to strength, with achievements such as being signed to Moshi Moshi Records, they also had support from the likes of BBC 6 Music and were support act to none other than Adele. Then, after coming within touching distance of breaking through the barrier to the wider world of the industry, Williams turned his attention to teaching, with no intention of making another record again.
Turn your attention back to 2017 and Tom has now released his latest work in the form of ‘All Change‘. A ten track triumph that lives as long in the memory as some of the best work among a current crop of the music industry’s best offerings. The album itself is littered with empowered performances, if ever an artist wanted to come back with a bang, then Williams has sure enough achieved just that. ‘All Change’ was made in a unique way, one which you can see Tom discussing in the interview that we have done with him here on our Nexus Meets – Artists section.
It is an album that exudes honesty, it exudes a feeling of ‘want’ for a journey and provides a strange and almost unique level of self-reflection in more than a few places. That level of reflection transcends to the listener in the form of a dynamic, determined and desired performance by Tom on songs such as ‘Nothing Ever Happens‘ and ‘All The Time‘. There is a sense that what you hear and what you feel throughout ‘All Change‘ is an artist at peace with who they are, the clear direction they wish to take things and all of this whilst providing a raw and real conveyable vision for the album.
Observers will be quick to note the level of detail in the songwriting on songs such as ‘What a Shame‘. The ability to tell a story is not lost on Tom, it is told with a level of creativity, fluidity and eloquence reserved for the most influential storytellers from all levels of the industry. Williams easily fits into this category, bringing an easily attainable label as a shining example of a visionary artist very much within his own right. There is much to be said of the arrangements surrounding each of the tracks, compelling and spacious, room for you to drift in and float along to with a level of happiness anyone would welcome.
In summary, ‘All Change‘ is modern musicianship made magnificent with a level of nostalgia that enhances and defines the depth and definition outlined throughout the varying individual processes that have been put into the album. ‘All Change’ is an album that is a welcomed return to the industry for Tom, an album that we are proud to have heard and reviewed and we are sure it will allow Tom to further his career.
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