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First "Unearthed" Playlist Update of 2018

We here at Nexus have added to our playlist “Unearthed” for 2018.
Be sure to check out a variety of artists that we featured last year and also those that are new for 2018!
New artists include:

Nick Byrne
Nick Byrne Promo

Of which we wrote about his latest EP “Through The Tall Grass” recently, which you can find here – Nick Byrne’s Talent Shines Through With ‘Through The Tall Grass’ EP
Weekend Recovery
Weekend recovery to go in article
Who we had the pleasure of interviewing last week for our feature, found here – Nexus Meets… Artist – Weekend Recovery
Alex Tracey
We featured Alex on the blog for his latest release “Crazy”. The write up for that single can be found here – Alex Tracey Shows Qualities With ‘Crazy’
Who in the last few weeks released their track “Honey” which we particularly enjoyed. Found here – Blushes Provide The Good Stuff With Upcoming Release of ‘Honey’
Ragmans Daughter
Ragmans Daughter

And finally, we have Ragmans Daughter who released “Lazy” which caught our attention enough to review it – Ragmans Daughter Release “Lazy”.

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