Album Review

‘Flowers in the Spring’ Is A Tender Release by The Molochs

The Molochs are a duo who hail from America and are lighting up Nexus this week with something a little different. We wanted to hear something that could differentiate from what we normally cover, yet really capture our attention. Good news for us that ‘Flowers in the Spring‘ was an album that landed firmly in the Nexus inbox and was placed directly into our ears where it wouldn’t move for the duration.

After the initial listen you really are captivated by the smooth, relaxed nature of the direction that the two-piece have taken their music. The album as a whole feels extremely poetic, with the titles of the tracks giving the content as much of an alluring feeling as the content itself. Titles such as ‘A Little Glimpse of Death‘ and ‘Shadow of a Girl‘ show the creativity and confidence that the band have found in such delicate yet meaningful songs. The release as a whole is a real achievement and does no hard in representing the very best that the two-piece have to offer.

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