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Fluffy Unicorns United F.u.U // Neverlanded

Neverlanded are a grunge band who are influenced by 90s rock bands such as L7 and Placebo. Formed as an online project in North London, their songs are a diary of their lives including mental health and homelessness. The band recorded their debut EP, ‘Fluffy Unicorns United F.u.U.’ at Hermitage Works Studios with Margo Broom (Calva Louise, Yassassin).  The EP is a combination of groove, stoner rock, and a big DIY attitude.

The opening two tracks, ‘Brainsaine’ and ‘Scream 4 Ice Cream’ are both furious and aggressive. The guitar hooks on the former track are massive. Opening with a big grungy riff, it captures the listeners’ attention immediately. The vocals have their own character and the snarling anger comes through on the chorus: “Brainsaaane, Brainsaaane”.  However the latter track takes things up another level. The chorus is infectious, the vocals and guitars create a colossal wall of sound.

‘This Friend of Mine’ is emotional and heartfelt. It features a slower focused guitar riff. The vocals show an emotional fragility, which works well with the instrumentation. The pace increases on ‘MesS.O.S’. It is a really energetic punk rock track, which finishes in the blink of an eye. Its snarling attitude represents the EP as a whole, leading to an enjoyable experience.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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