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Fond of Rudy Provide Emotional Release with 'Next'.

Fond of Rudy are a four piece indie alt pop band based out of Brighton with an emerging sound that has been championed by BBC Introducing London.
Following our coverage of previous releases, we are pleased to welcome Fond of Rudy back amongst the pages as their talent continues to develop and come into it’s own on latest single ‘Next’.
However, at the same time as this you are provided with a subtle, uneasy tone to help you travel through this insightful journey through the arrangement and style of track. Perhaps it is creative genius to touch on such a sensitive subject whilst dressing it up in an arrangement of happiness? A happiness and feel that does take centre stage, drowning out the subtlty of uneasiness mixed with the need and hope that an individual will come to realise and accept their current situation.
What ‘Next’ provides is a surreal and audio metaphor for what some people experience daily. A reluctance to accept self destruction or bad habits, or just simply not being able to see them to accept them in the first place. To someone looking in on this, it must be difficult to see how someone manages to dress up their situation with a sense of immediate happiness, only to look a little deeper and see how much more is going on.
The depth throughout ‘Next’ comes in many forms and overall Fond of Rudy can be very pleased with the outcome of this single.

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