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This week we bring you the almighty Fridays Finest. Courtesy of the four team trio made up of oursleves and fellow music enthusiasts It’s All Indie, Indie Central Music and Turtle Tempo. We have Lost Like Alice, Macajey, Sofia and After London in this weeks spotlight! So, get a shuffle on and take a gander!

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Lost Like Alice

Lost Like Alice

It’s not like me to try and suppress the intrigue that I feel when Lost Like Alice has a new release. Mainly because I am a huge admirer of the music that Ben Parker (Lost Like Alice) puts out. So whilst I have had this period of an increased creative output from Ben, we wanted to make sure we were shooting front, back and center on bringing you the material that managed to captivate me so early on in Nexus’s life cycle.

There is something honest, healthy and captivating about the way in which Ben hits his stride throughout his latest single. There is such a grounded feeling in amongst the track. As always, Ben provides something soothing for the soul and detailed enough to make you repay his investment, with the investment of yourself into his musical imagery. Something that Ben has never lacked, is a visionary lyric and the ability to capture emotion in every essence of the word. Do yourself a favour, and be sure to listen to this amazing single.

Lost Like Alice – The Dawn

It’s All Indie



Estonia’s Macajey has recently released his epic and soaring new dream-pop track “Mornin”. This is the first single release since his piano lead 2018 cut “About Face”. Which sounds like a homage to Radiohead in places.

The Tartu based singer-songwriter has already released two albums. 2016’s “Let’s Go” and 2018’s “Surfing The Air”, with this new track heralding a new era for Macajey. “Mornin” – stylised as Mornin’ – is an atmospheric cut that soars through the sky. With some breezy vocals that are a breath of fresh air for your ears. Here he takes you away on a ride into outer-space. You wouldn’t have thought that this shimmering single was written by someone from a city that is known to get well below -10’c in the winter. It sounds like it’s a soundtrack to an American road-trip.

Macajey sounds like one of Estonia’s finest music exports and is by far one of the best Baltic artists we’ve ever heard. The track is short but sweet. With a smattering of brooding melodies combined with drum machine sampling that sounds like Two Door Cinema Club in their peak. With some epic additional percussion enhancing it further. There is so much we love with this track. I wouldn’t be surprised if the vast majority of listens of this tune is from us lot here! Speaking about the new single he says –

“Life doesn’t have to be so hard it can in fact be simple, and always allowing room for unexpected surprises to come into your life”. And we’d all wholeheartedly agree. This track is a rather delightful surprise, so head on down below and get lost in “Mornin” – and once you have done so check out the “A Gentle Breeze” and “About Face”, two more stunning tracks he has.

Mornin’ – Macajey

Indie Central Music



Brazilian-bred, Los Angeles-based alternative rock trio SOFIA has released their new single ‘Stranger’.

Comprised of Alex Novaes (guitar), Leo Bomeny (vocals, bass), and Bruno Lamas (drums), the group’s original music is inspired by bedtime stories, fairytales, science fiction and fantasies. With the hope that the stories and characters woven throughout give the listener a sense of belonging and acceptance.

This new cut ‘Stranger’ tells the story of a character who is emotionally and psychologically trapped in a relationship with someone who has now become a stranger. Woven with atmospheric soundtracks, stomping drums and electrifying rock riffs, SOFIA craft a singular sound. They combine succinct storytelling and artful instrumentation.

“We just want to share our stories and hope that whoever is listening can feel like they relate” said the band. “Or maybe it’s just an escape for them, like the stories we read in books when we were young. Our hope is that the listeners can relate to what we say. And let us be the soundtrack to their own stories.”

SOFIA has also issued two episodes of a six-part series of short films that will visually accompany the songs on the upcoming EP. The videos, produced by bassist Leo, introduce viewers to B and Tala. The two being the main characters in the continuous visual narrative that will run throughout the story of the album.

Sofia – Stranger

Turtle Tempo

After London

Photography by Jessie Morgan

After London release infectious guitar-driven, punchy anthem ‘Operator’, very arguably their biggest and boldest release to date. ‘Operator’ delves into the Hampshire-based bands’ collective electronic influences. After experimenting with synthesisers in rehearsals, they decided to add elements of it into their new release. After London’s live shows are wild and they’re undoubtedly a band that you must go and see live to fully appreciate. For the meantime though, Operator will be lodged in your mind for a long time.

Operator – London

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