Fridays Finest w/ Tiña, OUTLYA, Boulevarde and Far Caspian.

This weeks Friday Finest is here with It’s All Indie, Indie Central and Turtle Tempo!

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Enigmatic South London band Tiña (pronounced ‘teen-ya’) might have released their track ‘Dip’ earlier this year. But for a change, we wanted to introduce you to a video that we think deserves a shoutout. Their critically-acclaimed second single ‘Dip’, which came out via Speedy Wunderground earlier this year. now has the rather artistic accompanying video below!

Filmed across London there are scenes of frontman Joshua Loftin wearing only his signature pink cowboy hat and shorts singing in the middle of a very busy Westminster Bridge, as well as the band performing on the night bus and more…

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Indie quartet Outlya has returned after almost a year with their new single ‘Call My Name’. The London-based band are well known for their bold anthems and haven’t failed to produce the goods again.

‘Call My Name’ is alt pop at it’s finest; with a striking bass line over lead singer Will Bloomfield’s bellowing vocals.
As long as Coronavirus doesn’t stop it, Outlya have a headline show at Omera in London on April 17th.

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Sydney pop/electronic duo, Boulevarde have recently revealed a brilliant new indie-pop track, “Take Your Time”, with it featuring some smooth and delicate vocals from fellow New South Wales local Little Green. Released a couple of weeks ago it’s gone on to generate over 50k plays on Spotify with the track getting the duo a whole load of new fans, us included.

The haunting new single has some amazing production values with everything being able to be listened to in equal measures, from Little Green’s beautiful vocals, to the delicate guitar tones, and even the almost industrial sounding synths. It’s a track that really grabs you from the off, with it having a lot to offer the listener, you definitely need a few plays to listen to it fully, as we ended up loving it more as the play count racked up.

Speaking about the track the band said ” … “Take Your Time is a song about loss and learning to say goodbye. Jordan (of Boulevarde) was grappling with the loss of his good friend at the time – who had taken his own life. The song comes from a very dark and emotional space and we hope others going through a hard time can find meaning in it and know they are not alone.”

If you’re a fan of fellow Aussie outfit Mansionair then you’re really going to love Boulevarde’s collaboration with Little Green, so stick this into your playlist as soon as possible – they could easily be the next hype band from Australia.

Turtle Tempo

Far Caspian

Far Caspian is the moniker of Irish multi-instrumentalist Joel Johnston. Their brand new release “Today” features delicately layered and perfected synthetics. Far Caspian are one of those artists you can listen to in any mood and always immediately feel better.

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