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'Glass Peaks' Continue To Deliver With 'Hold Me Closer'.

Glass Peaks continue to display all of the qualities that have become expected of them following such notable achievements including the support of Abbie McCarthy (Radio 1), John Kennedy (Radio X) and Tom Robinson (Radio 6). As well as having three sold-out headline shows in London, (with another headline show for This Feeling just announced) the boys also featured in the Spotify Indie List for four weeks as well as the Spotify Viral 50 chart where they peaked at 47th. However, the band have now propelled themselves further into the spotlight with the release of their latest track ‘Hold Me Closer‘.

The now trio have yet again released a masterful and artistic stroke on the canvas of their music careers. This canvas is swiftly being painted with a catalogue of tracks which display an enthusiastic, bold decisiveness that puts them in a niche of bands that can be considered as true up and comers. The lads seem to have cemented a sense of raw identity with Hold Me Closer. This may be attributed to the fantastic level of emotion found in the previous single I’m Okay, with the emotion going on to reflect their current distinctiveness throughout Hold Me Closer.
‘Hold Me Closer‘ provides a flurry of reverberant timbre amongst a backdrop of impactful guitar tones and resonating harmonies. Much like the new look band, this feels like a journey that was destined to happen. As you’re confronted with a stadium-style vibe where it isn’t beyond imagination to foresee a crowd chanting back the hook, you begin to question “Where do we go next?”  for the Glass Peak lads. We at Nexus are convinced that the only way is up as they continue to navigate the Indie jungle with a positive and steadfast outlook on their travels that are ahead.

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