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Glass Peaks Return With '(Don't) Ask Me To Dance.'

The London/Kent trio Glass Peaks return with their new track titled ‘(Don’t) Ask Me To Dance.’ Previously, the bands 2017 breakout single, ‘I’M OKAY’ hit the ‘Indie List’ on SPOTIFY for 4 weeks & in turn, the VIRAL UK 50 CHART (NO.47), every release is catching the attention of tastemakers and listeners everywhere (most recently, the boys were named as ones to watch by This Feeling and Fred Perry Subculture).

With the focus firmly set on the latest track, it is a noticeable departure from previous tracks with more space than ever in the arrangement, bringing forward the vocals and allowing them to stand out amongst the stripped back and reverberant guitar tones. The hook builds an increasing sense of energy which is quickly dispersed on return to the following verse. Nice effects like reverse guitar tones capture the imagination, adding a subtle yet effective colour to an array of colours already being displayed. With the track picking up towards the end, the tension and release are clear for most to hear and feels very reminiscent of styles set out by the likes of Tame Impala.
Although this doesn’t feel like it should be the direction that Glass Peaks take further down the road, we always welcome creative flair and the trying of the unknown. The ability to reinvent a sound and own it as your own is a trait that the trio clearly does not lack.

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