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Headshrinkers release latest track ‘Interrobang’

‘Interrobang’ is the second single from Headshrinkers’ upcoming debut EP, ‘Doorway Conversations‘. Biographically written as a virtue, Interrobang is an ode to self.

‘Interrobang’ is gut-busting and heavy with haunting vocals from frontman Garrran and alluring backing-vocals from drummer Scarlett. The contrast between the two urges for a chaotic but belting single that conveys their consistent post-punk sensibilities. It’s a track that retains a specific mood throughout. It is laced with attitude. However, if you don’t get a pulled muscle in your neck from the levels of headbanging? Then the chances are you’ve not heard this track yet!


Interrobang looks set to place the band on a course for a promising and incredibly distinct release with their EP closing in! Be sure to have a listen and get the track on your playlist!


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