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Hegarty 'Even The Joker Crys Sometimes' Review.

Hegarty was formed in 2014 when David Hegarty, Waka Stafford and Chris McKeown decided to record a few songs they had been working on together. Igga Cousins then joined and soon after recruited Alex  Tweedle along the way to make our line up complete and it hasn’t changed much since.
The track takes a different direction to some of those we feature here at Nexus, with a feel that is found firmly amongst the lyrics. The focus should well and truly be focused on the songwriting and it has an air of reflection, with the title of the song providing a catchy hook whilst maintaining fantastic guitar work and a steady rhythm throughout.
The music video is something that the band can also be proud of with fantastic camera work. Also contained in the video is a nice nod to remind people that we are all just people in the end and sometimes we need to pay more time to the people and goings on around us.
Watch the music video here
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