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Hengistbury – Release Debut Single 'What Folks Don't Know'

To kick this week off, we have something unique for your ears that is certain to provide a unique type of flavour and a slightly different angle to that of which we usually cover in regards to genre on Nexus.

Without further ado, let us introduce you to the dynamic two-piece consisting of Jessie Mary and Pete Briley. The two have gone on to form the musical duo titled Hengistbury and they are renowned for creating stunning work in the Country genre. Stylistically, as previously mentioned, it may be a slight departure from the normal coverage that we give out. But you can not mistake the fact that good music is just good music. There is a distinct uniqueness to Hengistbury and their debut single ‘What Folks Don’t Know‘, and we are not the only ones to notice this when reviewing the single as BBC Introducing, UK Country News, Forever British Country, Simply Country, Express FM and more have picked up the track and shared their support also.
Hengistbury have provided audiences with a sound that represents a musical landscape of freedom and escapism. It may not be something that comes to mind instantly for every listener, but it is not hard to see how this track fits into a summer playlist. It is absolutely made for hot days when you are chilling outside with a beer (or water…), the breeze is blowing and you just feel happy to be in the moment. Equally, it could be landed firmly in your playlist for a feel-good-factor for road trips up and down the country and anywhere that you decide to let a good feeling take you. It is youthful, open, honest and enlightening in equal measure.
The detail and nature of the track is honest, heartfelt and needs very little explaining as to what it really does and what impact it has for those who wish to listen. Its beautifully crafted, performed to a standard where it captures not just your attention, but moments with it. If this is the debut single from Hengistbury, then we are certainly looking forward to the album and are hopeful that the quality continues to match, or even surpass that of this single.

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