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Humphrey Shines Effortlessly On ‘Now and Forever’

I am always drawn towards an artist who knowingly shares their soul through their music. Although I am sure that this is something which numerous artists aspire to, I connect with only a handful. Allow me to introduce one such artist. Based out of Northern Ireland, Humphrey has recently released his latest solo track ‘Now and Forever‘.

Humphrey – Now and Forever

Humphrey is already well known within the wider music community for his work within the band MASK. However, his solo project is a break away from the usual 1960’s rock-esque material of MASK. Although it would be hard to part with the ever-present and distinctly soulful vocals of Humphrey. ‘Now and Forever‘ looks to incorporate the best of Humphrey as an individual with the knowledge and music experience of his band career.

“I burnt myself out on making music with MASK.  I realised my ‘I’ll show you’ motivation for making music was entirely unhealthy and I made the decision to take six months off..

Upon hearing ‘Now and Forever‘, I recognised that Humphrey is clearly a talent with a sense of direction. An artist who embodies the ideals of intricate craftsmanship and occupies a space with similar artists such as Bon Ivor. This placement becomes effortless when you take a second to step back and hear the honesty through a striking performance. With ‘honesty‘ summarising the heart of the performance that is on display. Perhaps better summarised as emotion, compassion or even vulnerability.

Furthermore, combining the aforementioned vulnerability with the emotion of the performance. All whilst the tone of the track casts a looming shadow that develops a melancholic expression.

In its entirety, ‘Now and Forever‘ provides a unique experience that will have you fully invested throughout.

In summary, ‘Now and Forever‘ sits comfortably between a blend of Bon Ivor’sHolocene‘ and ‘Skinny Love‘. With an additional sprinkling of deeper folk inspiration in tonality. Subtly weaved between swelling strings and reverberant, haunting vocals. A sophisticated concoction, but truly inspiring nonetheless.

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  • I have been following Humphrey since ‘Now and Forever‘. Love the attitude of the guy. Nice writeup. Thanks


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