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ID3 Releases Atmospheric Track Titled ‘Joy Of A Kind’

‘Joy Of A Kind’ is a recent release by Essex born ID3. It comes as part of a music package that provides atmospheric tones and a down-to-earth feel. As a result, this is easily one piece of music that needs to be put on your playlist for a good summers days.

In many cases, simplicity often implies that less thought or production might have gone into the creation process. However, in this example, it is wiser to think of ‘simplicity’ as a professional, detailed and calculated form of refinement.

When Is Simplicity Not Simplicity? When it is Refinement.

Refinement: “Developed or improved so as to be precise or subtle“. (Lexico Dictionaries | English, 2019)

Firstly, refinement is something which ID3 manages to address with a degree of ease. There is enough variety within the track, provided by melodies and subtle tones to acknowledge the understanding of refinement. Also, the need to understand the application of it is just as important. This is not a one-off, it is apparent in the majority of ID3 releases. If you need further examples, feel free to listen to ‘Winterize‘ or ‘Karma‘.

The vocal snippets throughout various releases by ID3 are as much an instrument of their own as the horns, strings or drums. Switch to ‘Window Seat‘ for a quick listen.

Are the vocal shouts repetitive? Yes! Are they boring? Absolutely not. This is taking one small idea, developing it with various octave changes (vocals) and then balancing other refined ideas around it. Meanwhile, this contributes to the construction of a three-dimensional soundscape.

Refinement, Tension And Release, And The Crafting of The Soundscape.

In conclusion, the very nature of the ‘refinement‘ process will have led ID3 to either consciously or subconsciously focus on techniques like ‘tension and release‘.

Subsequently, ‘tension and release‘ is a concept that every artist and band should have a basic understanding of to really make their release and soundscapes shine. It is something which I immediately pick up on from the start of ‘Joy Of A Kind’.

As an example, let us begin with some context. Tension and release (specifically tension) provide a ‘…sense of unrest, instability, excitement or anticipation, an impression that more is coming and a curiosity for what’s next” (Lexico Dictionaries | English, 2019). Therefore, tension is created in a number of ways in a creative capacity relative to the overall soundscape. Harmonisation, dynamic level, pitch shifting, modulation, the introduction of various instruments… I could go on! This is not limited to what you do in the songwriting phase by the way, but also how you combine this within the mixing phase.

For instance, dreamy, kalimba sounding tones on the introduction and throughout keep your focus centred and engaged. In addition to reverberant sounding horns that swell slightly off centre on occasion. Meanwhile, 8bit sound effects get introduced in the depths and widths of the soundscape to provide variety. And then there is the subtle vinyl crackle layered over the top of the mix that gives it a distinct character. This release has been crafted to such a high standard. And you get every chance to hear and feel this, with space left to immerse yourself in the soundscape.

iD3 Release Artwork

In Conlusion

In short, if I have to convince you even in the slightest that I am a fan of this release, then please see above. I am wholeheartedly appreciative of the levels of talent and hardwork that has gone into understanding various areas of music theory to make this track a realisation. Hopefully I can grab ID3 for a chat going forward to really discuss the release and find out his plans going forward.

This is a masterpiece in my book. And I am confident you will feel the same way also by the end of this review.
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  • A wonderful review – and what a pleasant surprise to see a mention of my ‘Tension and release’ article. Thank you!


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