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I’m No Chessman Release ‘Amateurs’ EP

Thank goodness it’s nearly Friday, right? Long week, long day, long month, am I right? Well, allow us to lighten your mood a little with I’m No Chessman and their latest release in the form of their EP ‘Amateurs‘.

This release manages to catch our attention for being dramatic, loud and bold in the direction that has been taken. There is a captivating and striving nature to this EP which takes you outside of the box, and you’ll be glad that it has. That’s one reason that we love this release.

Actors’ is easily the bands best release alongside ‘Alive’. If what you’re in need of is some adrenaline soaked, guitar laden tracks with an attitude to match, then you’ve found it in ‘Amateurs‘. The band have been working tirelessly to bring this content to their EP and perfect it in such a way that it connects with audiences and displays the band in the very best light.


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