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Interview with Blues Rock sensation 'Sun House'!

sunhouse copy Sun House are a three piece blues rock band hailing from Guildford, taking inspiration from greats such as B.B King, Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton and many more blues greats of the time with a strong beat, catchy guitar riffs and ripping vocals.
I caught up with Sun House to get to know them a bit better?
Hey guys! What is Sun House about? What is your sound and concept?
Sun House are a blues rock band mainly, but take inspiration from many different genres spanning across from indie to country. They’re about soulful lyrics and great groove and raw emotion in the music.
Who are your members?
Jamie is the guitarist, Cam on drums and Emilia is the front woman and bassist.
What made you want to start a band and how did you start up?
It started when Emilia and Jamie were gigging and writing together. They deiced to bring in their missing piece after a couple of weeks, which was Cam on percussion. Although the three started up as an acoustic trio, they quickly morphed into a heavier, rocky band after finding a common love for the blues. The band then went on to write some riff-filled, soulful tunes influenced heavily by blues artists such as BB King as well as Rolling Stones and some modern inputs like Royal Blood.
If you could bring back any music inspirations, who would it be and why?
Emilia: I think I would bring back Freddy Mercury simply because I am such a huge fan of his voice and skills across different genres. His songwriting is really inspiring.
Cam: Personally I would bring back the legendary jazz drummer Buddy Rich, as he has heavily influenced my playing due to his inspiring technique and showmanship.
Jamie: Probably Gary Moore! He put so much emotion into his playing and really felt the blues with really inspires me.
What are your plans for the future? Any venues or festivals you dream of playing at?
It would cool to headline Glastonbury on the Pyramid stage and tours around the top stadiums like Wembley.
What has been challenging about setting up this band and starting from the very beginning of your career?
The two main challenges were finding a name, and settling into a genre that suited us. We let it evolve naturally and each of us put our own spin on the music which created the Sun House sound.
Can you give some advice for people starting out in a band?
Just have fun with it. Don’t force it and just enjoy the music.
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