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Irene Conti Releases Empowering Single ‘Say Hey!’

Irene Conti has released her latest track “Say Hey!“. Irene has a unique story to her musical career, having spent most of her life performing as a classical guitarist. After her debut as a singer for an MTV show, she started singing in small rock bands and developing her songwriting skills. In 2011 she gained popularity online with a YouTube cover of Someone Like You by Adele, with almost 3 million views. In 2014, she self-released her first acoustic EP, ‘What Makes Us Human‘ and in 2016 she toured London for Caffè Nero and Westfield London. After spending two years writing music, she is back with a new exciting project in the form of her latest track ‘Say Hey!’.

Irene has produced a track in ‘Say Hey!‘ that shines with originality in her tonality. And it is this originality that transcends into the overall production of the track and provides an uplifting feel.

On the other hand, the transcendence of originality further adds to the professionalism and defines the quality that Irene is able to portray both vocally and as a whole throughout the lyrics and the instrumentation. It’s such a humbling feeling listening to the layers and depth provided throughout the four-minutes whilst being able to just appreciate quality musicianship in all areas for what it truly is.

Irene has stated that the track is about empowerment, and this is very much reflected throughout. The vocal chants, the focus on the vocals themselves and the lyrics are simply perfect for the style on show here.

Hopefully, Irene can continue to shine in the future just as much as she does on this track.

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