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Ivory Wave Release Latest Single 'Cool Kids'.

Ivory Wave is a four-piece band based out of Birmingham that consists of members George Johnson (Lead Vocals), Connor McMinn (Guitar), Luke Morris (Bass), Rob Clarke (Keys) and Seb Baldwin (Drummer). The band is well-known for their high-energy, high-tempo performances and have gained strong coverage from multiple publications and gained a large following amongst audiences.
Ivory Wave HTSS-5

The latest track ‘Cool Kids’ continues to provide purpose and furthers the unique nature that the four-piece so effortlessly express in their releases. With nostalgia exuding from the track, Ivory Wave somehow manages to capture a sound, mood and feeling that would make the most reserved individual move to their sound.
‘Cool Kids’ contains a connection that is as effective at embedding itself into your personal space as a Russian bribing a Conservative. But unlike listening to a Conservative, this track makes you feel less dirty and has the added bonus of providing a feel-good factor.
The bands’ frontman George Johnson explains the inspiration behind ‘ Cool Kids ’; “It should be us who shape our own future as we will be the ones who are living it. It’s a celebration of being able to wear what you want, a celebration of being who you want to be and most importantly a celebration of youth.”

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