Jamie T's "Panic Prevention" and "Kings & Queens" Albums Re-Issued on Vinyl.

It’s been close to ten years since Jamie T released the “Kings And Queens” album where it reached No.2 in the UK charts. This lead to a wave of praise where various publications set about laying praise at the then close to mid-twenties Jamies feet. He had his “Kings and Queens” album described by The Guardian as “The result is a 43-minute, all-killer, no-filler set of stunners about city sickness, aimless rebellion and dissolving relationships”.
The recent move to re-issue the Kings and Queens vinyl alongside album Panic Prevention will be a welcomed move by fans and critics alike as Jamie T looks to engage with and attract the attention of old and new audiences alike.

Panic Prevention is the Mercury Prize nominated debut album by Wimbledon-born singer-songwriter Jamie T, The album is so-called because of the panic attacks Jamie suffered as an adolescent. Three singles have been released from the album prior to its release: “Sheila”, “If You Got The Money” and “Calm Down Dearest”. As of December 2007, the album has sold over 160,000 copies in the UK to date.

LP1 – Side A
1. Brand New Bass Guitar
2. Salvador
3. Calm Down Dearest
4. So Lonely Was The Ballad
5. Back In The Game
6. Operation
Side B
1. Sheila
2. Pacemaker
3. Dry Off Your Cheeks
4. Ike & Tina
5. If You Got The Money
6. Alicia Quays

Kings & Queens is the second album by London singer-songwriter Jamie T. The album reached No. 2 on the UK Albums Chart and is certified gold having sold over 100,000 copies in the UK to date.

LP1 – Side A
1. 368
2. Hocus Pocus
3. Sticks ‘N’ Stones
4. The Man’s Machine
5. Emily’s Heart
Side B
1. Chaka Demus
2. Spider’s Web
3. Castro Dies
4. Earth, Wind & Fire
5. British Intelligence
6. Jilly Armeen
Panic Prevention and Kings & Queens can be purchased HERE

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