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Jumanji End 2017 On A High With New Track Titled 'Constellations'

Indie Rock band Jumanji are back with their latest single titled ‘Constellations‘. The Brighton based band, consisting of no less than six members have already supported the likes of Fickle Friends and Indigo Violet, with 2018 looking to be their best year yet if their latest offering of musical goodness is what you are judging their determination and future path by.
Jumanji have managed to construct a musical masterpiece that perfectly displays a variety of musical dynamics within their recent production. And as for the overall product, the artwork is something that can really be respected. With a beautiful amount of creativity and thought that has gone into the artwork, it’s one of the best we have seen as this year swiftly comes to an end.
Within the track is a masterful weaving of sounds that range from subtle, higher frequency effects all the way to African inspired timbre, all glued together through a vocal performance that is executed with such aplomb that it is difficult to not appreciate the track in its entirety.
Constellations‘ has an element of uniqueness to it that allows the track to draw you in through its multi-layered, catchy sections and truly delivers when it comes to the chorus. Tension and release is something that can take a long time to develop in a band, and Jumanji have the understanding of this concept well and truly cemented which further ties into the uniqueness of the band.
If the sound of 2018 can be found in bands and artists that inspire a level of creativity, coupled with technique, understanding, and a product that delivers in abundance, then keep your eye firmly on Jumanji and what is to come from the band of six from Brighton in the new year.

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