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Kidsmoke bring dripping emotion on new track ‘Sister Sadness’

Kidsmoke are an up and coming indie-pop band from Wrexham. Their dreamy take on indie pop is both inspiring and invigorating The band have received backing from huge names in the industry such as Steve Lamacq and Guy Garvey, while gaining widespread approval online and a sync in Netflix show Black Mirror has only increased their reputation. With tour dates dotted around the UK, they are destined for bigger things over the next few months.
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The band have released a new song, ‘Sister Sadness.’ It features a beautiful falsetto vocal that soars alongside the melancholic shimmering instrumentation. The track could be about a loss, reflected in the poetic lyrics: “Sister Sadness/ sing me to the moon / in the waiting room.” The lyrics are sung with a heartfelt honesty, making the meaning feel even deeper. It’s something that feels relatable, forming a strong connection with anyone that comes across it.
‘Sister Sadness’ is a moment of genius, proving that Kidsmoke are well worthy of your attention.
You can listen to ‘Sister Sadness’ here.
 Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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