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Lisa Danaë To Release “Get Away” Following “The End Of The Line”.

Pop as a genre is something which is often debated among music enthusiasts far and wide. You can get plenty of standard responses, from people who believe that pop music is just Justin Bieber (you know who you are…), to those who have a deeper connection and understanding to the way in which it can convey something truly captivating.

Interestingly, it’s not often that we receive much Pop music here at Nexus. Maybe it’s because we are too rock n roll (we believe we are, other opinions not valid…), but we appreciate a fantastic pop track like the guilty pleasure that it is. This made for a delightful discovery when seeing that Lisa Danaë has yet more content on the way in the form of “Get Away“.

Lisa Danae 1

We got a sneak peek at the latest track before release on Friday, and you can rest assured that it contains all of the vigour and alluring dynamics that you can find throughout each release by Lisa. It’s catchy, youthful and contains some beautiful harmonies that will be sure to make the quietest pop enthusiast pop their head up from beneath the ground to catch a listen. The content of the track contains a bubbly flow to the delivery of the lyrics and is a wonderful playful track to have amongst a rather spectacular back catalogue of tracks.

Talking of back catalogue, Lisa released her previous song “The End Of The Line” which continues with this infusion of youthfulness, freedom and adventure. You’ll undoubtedly notice the harmonies, flow and previously mentioned alluring nature that instantly makes you realise it’s a track by Lisa. Oh, and we are lucky enough to have the video for you to view… So without further ado, be sure to click below and get acquainted with one of Pop’s most unique emerging artists.


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