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Track Review: Little Dreamer // Alanna Matty

Inspired by the likes of Sara Bareilles, Vance Joy and Feist, Alanna Matty is an artist oozing intimacy, sincerity and authenticity. Described by Roots Music as having a sound that is “…kind of gentle and atmospheric”, Alanna is enchanting listeners with her intense vulnerability. Featured on Less Than 1000 Followers, Sinusoidal Music, YMX, In Tune Music and Amazing Radio, the Canadian singer-songstress is building a relationship with people across the globe. One of the more recent additions to her repertoire is the single ‘Little Dreamer’.

Following her track ‘The Lie’ (a collaborative single between Alanna Matty and Matty Twig), ‘Little Dreamer’ is a movement from indie to folk. Not as dark as the previous single, but retaining a sense of melancholy, ‘Little Dreamer’ is an intimate and intriguing song. With the lyrical power of Leonard Cohen and the moving Joni Mitchell-esque vocals, Alanna ensnares your senses with her evocative single. Yet, while the lyrical content is profound, it is the combination of melody and lyrics that make Alanna unforgettable.

Using an acoustic-inspired sound, Alanna shows the beauty of simplicity with basic guitars and vocals. In many cases, less can be more and ‘Little Dreamer’ topples us into a whirlpool of sound without too many “bells and whistles”. With a reputation for vulnerable, emotional and sentimental music, Alanna explores the fragility of the human soul in ‘Little Dreamer’. A sincerity shines through the poignant content engaging with listeners on a deeper, less superficial level. It is as if this songstress reaches into the depths of your soul and swims about in your heart sending chills down your spine.

Yes, the song is not filled with a mass of instrumentation but there seems to be a kaleidoscopic and cinematic soundscape. Alanna proves that art does not require an overflow of elements – artistry takes the core of a concept and shares it in a beautiful way. This is ‘Little Dreamer’.

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