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Live Review: Towers of London // New Cross Inn 14.02.2018

Situated in the heart of New Cross, The New Cross Inn is a pub with two long benches for punters to sit on and a pool table. It’s a unique intimate setting with a lively, friendly atmosphere. It’s also the place where Towers of London will go on to deliver an explosive live show packed with chaos and passion.
Towers of London are a reformed calmer band in comparison to the controversial mob that gatecrashed the post-punk revival scene ten years ago. You get the sense that they have matured and become more focused in their songwriting, evident in latest singles ‘Shot in the Dark’ and ‘Superbowl’ which are both bangers that recall Faith No more and posses the attitude of early- Manic Street Preachers. The band are gearing up for the release of their comeback album ‘Super Sounds From the K-Town.’ The album was recorded in Los Angeles’ Korea Town and having very briefly chatted to the humble Donny Tourette after their confident soundcheck, he said that recording the album was a fun experience.
The first band we’re treated to is Road Atlas. Their brand of acoustic punk was warmly received and you could feel the raw aggression in their songs. Up next are Cult 45’s, bringing a bluesy vibe which fits the venue perfectly. Some tasty licks and fluid drumming makes for an enjoyable show.
More Kicks bring a mod flavor to the table, as well as some grit. They have a massive sound reminiscent of The Rifles and The Jam. After singer Sulli knocks back a shot, the band launch into ‘I’m On the Brink’, a rocky number that sees members of the audience dance in their seats. Considering this was only their fifth show, it was an exhilarating warm up to the main event.
With the anticipation rising, Towers of London swagger onstage and they don’t mess around. There is a feeling of coolness in the air and the crowd are up for it, heading towards the stage as the air raid sirens kick in. It’s clear from the vibrant ‘Superbowl’ that they know how to get a crowd going. Donny’s captivating stage presence and raucous energy set the tone for the rest of the night.
The rhythm section is fluid, and you can hear this on the solo of ‘Green Eyes’ which in an ideal world should be heard in bigger venues because it sounded massive here. The new songs slotted in perfectly with the old ones, ‘Send in the Roses’ saw Donny jump into the crowd, bringing a connection with the audience and a total give-no-fucks attitude. It showed that he had the entire crowd in the palm of his hand, swinging his microphone manically.
The audience contributed to the atmosphere superbly, singing and dancing to every song. It was a joy to watch, particularly on old favourites ‘Air Guitar’ and ‘On a Noose’. The band sound better than ever, showing no pretense and exceeding my expectations with a thrilling show that makes me very excited for their future.
Photo credit: Ermis Madikopoulos
Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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