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Live Review: Weekend Recovery // The Crowndale 17.02.18

Hailing from Kent, Weekend Recovery incorporate garage-rock and rock n’ roll influences. Their commitment to touring is something to be admired, the band have played a host of dates over the last few weeks to promote their stunning album ‘Get What You Came For.’ Although the tour is at the halfway point, it reached its peak on Saturday as they launched ‘GWYCF’ as part of a ‘Camden Rocks Presents…’ show. ‘Camden Rocks Presents…’ promotes the best up and coming bands as a warm up to the main event on the 2nd June.
Weekend Recovery have attracted a growing wave of support over the last few years. On entering the venue, it was evident that a lot of the audience was there to see them. The band took all this in their stride, putting on an incredible show full of confidence and attitude.
Lauren, their vocalist, has said in the past that GWYCF is about a lot of frustration and anger that affected her over the past year. Having not seen them live before, these emotions were laid bare over the course of the 30 minutes as they played their hearts out.
It was a passionate performance with bags of energy, while the chemistry in the rhythm section was tight. Tracks such as ‘Oh Jenny’ (Lauren dedicated this song to “Jenny the slut” about an old school bully) and ‘New Tattoo’ demonstrated the bands melodic sensibilities, while her stage presence was on point and captivating, wowing the audience with lung-bursting screams. This was evident on recent single ‘Why Do You Love Me’ and members of the audience loved it, dancing the whole way through. The strong reaction at the end of the show, which included people crowding the merch stall, proved that Weekend Recovery have a massive future ahead of them.
 Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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