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Los Retros Shares ‘Never Have Enough’ Ahead of June 21st Album Release

Los Retros, an artist that has a similar, humble beginning to a few artists that have passed our way over the years, despite being in a niche all of his own. Los Retros is the brainchild of 19-year-old Mauri.

Mauri began his venture into music at the age of eight when he borrowed his brother’s guitar. Since then, his journey of experimentation has allowed him to refine his craft. Whether by learning instruments and recording them through an old mixer, later releasing them online. Or moulding his own sound from Central and South American soft-rock and alternative pop from the ’70s and ’80s. His name itself is in homage to Chilean Pop group Los Ángeles Negros.

Los Retros‘ latest single is one that comes with a mellow, melodic and soothing undertone. Aimed at discussing his love interest, it is a masterpiece in the use of different instruments, vocal ranges and elements to make a package that is as complete as it is joyful.

With this single coming ahead of his album ‘Retrospect‘ it is fair to say that we look forward to what this will hold and the success that it will no doubt bring Los Retros’ way.

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