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Lost Like Alice – Behind the Dual-Single Release of "Crooked Lines" and "Whats Missing?"Interview.

Lost Like Alice is a solo artist who is based in Wales. Despite the name of the act sounding like it lends itself to a band, it is infact the brain-child of Ben Parker. Ben provides audiences with an honest, open and reflective style of songwriting. All whilst capturing the very essence of what imaginitave and emotional connections can give to audiences in the search for themselves within an artists music.
Last week saw the release of Lost Like Alice’s dual-single release of “Crooked Lines” and “Whats Missing?”. Being such fans of Lost Like Alice, we have a review which will be released later this week. But for now we give you six quick fire questions relating to Lost Like Alice and questions behind the music. 
Do you feel the name Lost Like Alice, as a solo artist, has helped you to draw on more genres for this dual-release? And if so, how?

Yeah completely. I think the name gives me a lot of freedom to explore genres, I can put out things as stripped back as ‘Headlights’, and can also channel some blues rock, like in ‘I Won’t Wait’. I feel that with these two songs, they are complete contrasts of each other, both lyrically and sonically, which is something the name allows me to explore and put out there also.

What are the most important aspects of your songwriting that you hope to convey to an audience?

Honesty. Everything you hear in my songs is a true representation of an event, a feeling, a dream, it’s all my life. I don’t know anything else so I just write about what I do. I’m very interested in the use of imagery and poetically spinning a phrase. I think this is what allows the audience to connect, as they see themselves in the lyrics. It’s completely up to interpretation which I feel is very important. At the end of the day music to me is about connecting, and I feel the way I write opens the door to that.

How has the process of songwriting differed on this dual-release?

Both songs were written and recorded months apart. I think you can really hear the difference in point of view as well as in style. ‘What’s Missing’ was about taking this punchy bluesy idea, and fitting it in within this organic, raw acoustic sound. Whereas ‘Crooked Lines’ was more about pushing the boundaries of this acoustic idea, adding electric guitar, going for big ambient sounds while still maintaining the feel of the EP which is very important. From a songwriting point of view, I feel like the two songs are on the same wavelength, just at two completely different times, like each song is another stage in getting better.

What was the idea behind the dual-release?

I really like this idea of contrast, both in spirit and in sound. I think they show two sides of what I’m about as an artist, combing the love for blues guitar playing, and the thought-provoking lyric. As a songwriter I feel like they really capture the essence of what the EP is all about, it’s honest, and it’s real. Together I think the two songs tell a story and blend together really well. I knew when I wrote ‘Crooked Lines’ that it was the right song to go with ‘What’s Missing?’ as they complement each other.

How do you feel your artwork connects to the tracks that you have released?

The artwork from ‘Headlights’ and ‘What’s Missing?’, are photographs taken by my grandfather in the 50’s, when he moved to Alice Springs in Australia at the age of 15 and worked on a ranch. I found this collection of photographs and was amazed by it. He lived such an incredible life and wanted to pay tribute to him somehow. I think they really highlight what my music about. It’s personal, and the images go beautifully with that. The artwork for ‘Crooked Lines’ is a photograph that I took myself, and wanted to highlight the contrast of the two songs visually too, with this old and new concept, which really comes across.

If we said to describe this release in three words, what would they be? Personal melodic poetry

Looking forward to 2018, what are you hoping to achieve?

I just want to get these songs out to as many people as I can. I have a long list of gigs piling up that I’m really excited about, playing in Manchester Academy for the first time which is an amazing thing for me. Overall I can’t wait to really get started this year, and hope to see you all at a gig!

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