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'Lost Like Alice' Returns With Brilliant Dual-Single Release.

Ben Parker, better known as Lost Like Alice has created something magical for 2018, with his duel-single release of ‘What’s Missing?’ and ‘Crooked Lines’. I was honoured to review these two tracks, and I was seriously blown away by the attention to detail he had put into both tracks.

Beginning with Crooked Lines, the subtle acoustic guitar with electric decoration creates a real ambience to the introduction of the song, which carries on through to the pre-chorus. Hearing Ben’s vocals for the first time made me shudder. That raw tone, yet delicate approach definitely haunts you. ‘I don’t feel better, could I make you better’ as a meaningful and personal touch to the chorus, adding some slight emotion behind the concept of the track. In the second verse, we are struck with some stronger vocals followed by an octave down harmony in the second chorus, complimenting the lead line perfectly. An extra drum beat brings out the low key rhythm and you can hear the added power behind the guitar strumming, hinting more emotion from the player. The strength continues into the bridge, adding suspense to end on a softer tone to introduce the outro of the song. That ending guitar chord seriously vibrates through your whole body!
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The second track ‘What’s Missing’, has more of a minor sound, with some introductory body percussion, including claps and chest slaps for a more natural tone. Again, we have some reverb and delay on the guitar for some spacey ambient decoration. Upon my first listen to this song, it reminds me of a track by The Wholls called ‘The Only One’, with similar minor chords and vocal techniques. Throughout the entire song, we are hit with a country style riff from the guitar and bass, creating a strong, catchy tune that can easily get stuck in your head! During the outro, we can hear that same riff repeated but with some added stabs to create suspense and a folk style sound.

Look out for Lost Like Alice, follow him on his social media links below. You don’t want to miss this artist!

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