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Manchester…Top ten of the UK

Popular bands now from Manchester, (such as The Courteeners, or Blossoms) prove that the city deserves its place on the music map. ‘Manchester is known for being a hub for indie music’ (Lavelle. E, The rise of student population helps sustain the arrival of new artists and young people interested in hearing their music. Which inevitably, has helped shape a new music scene amongst the local community. The whole Indie genre almost seems outdated in Manchester now with the rise of different genres coming from the city. Especially with the annual Parklife festival, hosted in Heaton Park, Manchester which shows an abundance of genres from Indie to Grime. 

A Brief Backgound.

It’s only right to start out my list of the top ten musical cities of the UK with one of few frontrunners for the title of musical capital of the country, Manchester. It’s the birthplace of Indie music and still remains a hotspot for the genre. From the late ’70s through the ’90s some of the most influential artists in music emerged from Manchester. This includes Joy Division, Oasis, The Smiths, The Stone Roses and New Order, just to name a few. The music scene was booming, and with the rise of additional influences such as the ‘Madchester’ scene and the Hacienda nightclub, each external factor contributed towards the cultural revolution. Music pop culture still remains one of the biggest moments in Manchester’s history and was the home to some of the biggest moments in musical history.

Taking on the mantle of music in Manchester for the modern-day.

So how is the smaller music scene in Manchester sounding right now and how can this compare to the early music scene? One band challenging the music scene in Manchester is Incarnate. Incarnate focus on ‘pushing boundaries’ with their music. Singer, Spencer explained in an interview with Nexus that:

“The focus on humanity, humility, politics, and education, for us, sets us apart from most bands I’ve experienced in Manchester.”

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What makes Incarnate so different from a lot of artists in Manchester in current times? It is their overall goal to take it upon themselves to talk about issues other artists feel uncomfortable talking about. One example is mental health and the surrounding topics

‘With the combination of some theatrical elements and poetry, we can make a piece that is engaging, electric, and intriguing.’

Incarnate have proved themselves to be an asset to the Manchester music scene. Engaging audiences whilst being a lot more than heavy riffs and a good show. 

Another band gaining popularity and keeping in tune with the spirit of Manchester indie music are Dirty Laces. Their popularity in the cities indie music scene has grown rapidly over the past few months. With their EP ‘Moving Pictures’ capturing the essence of the indie music that the city is able to identify with. With Incarnate gaining over 30,000 plays on Spotify alone. The single, ‘Moving Pictures’ includes vocals which sound heavily inspired by one of Manchester’s biggest bands, Oasis. Along with all of the typical ingredients to make a great indie song. 

Both acts show that the music scene is ever expanding in Manchester. And while some are choosing the route to expand on the music scene Manchester is known for, others are choosing to broaden their horizons into more experimental music and not stick to one specific style. Manchester altogether is undoubtedly known for its contribution to the UK’s ever-growing music scene. And the city will continue to remain one of the biggest hotspots for music. 

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