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Maybe We Should (Domeno Remix) // Satya

Satya is an up and coming R’n’B singer who discovered she had a passion or singing at a young age. However, her teenage years saw her being racially abused and led to her battling many demons. But this marked a turning point in her lie, with her entering rehab at 20 and celebrated her first year of sobriety at 21.

Satya has a beautiful warm voice, and she uses it to bring out a strong message. Her latest single ‘Maybe We Should’ is a very catchy affair with a soaring chorus. It got so popular, that she collaborated with Quebec DJ Domeno to create a remix. 

The collaboration is influenced by both soul and house, with the house-style piano chords taking the track onto a different dimension. The handclaps shouldn’t work but they do. They help enhance the track and bring the positive vibes to the fore. The production is creative while keeping the flavour of the original track, and Satya’s vocals retain their empowering feel.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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