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Melodies Aplenty On Latest Dancing On Tables Track​ ‘Colour Me Good Track’.

Well, there is one inevitable fact that I can tell you about listening to ‘Dancing On Tables‘ and their latest release ‘Colour Me Good ‘on a Sunday… And that is that it feels like it is setting me up for a great week ahead!

Dancing On Tables seem to know how to produce a track that you not only listen, being sure to capture you in a moment, but also leave you humming their track when it stops. Currently, on my fifth listen to this track, I feel I am possibly the best place person on planet earth right now (maybe even the universe…) to bring you an honest review of this release.



The band themselves are Scottish based and made up of five friends who originally founded the band back in school. Although I can’t share this release with you yet as it is released on the 14th September (Boooo), I can tell you that it’ll be placed straight into our playlist feature.

The melodies that are contained within the track and the vibe that surrounds the release as a whole is as refreshing as it is purposeful. If all future Dancing On Tables releases remain as consistent as this, then just remember that you heard it here first… They are onto BIG things.




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