Track Review

Modern Native Unleash ‘Never Know’

Modern Native‘ has approached 2019 by sweeping firmly across our radar to the point that we couldn’t help but take notice.

Released on January 30th and based out of London, ‘Modern Native‘ has released ‘Never Know‘ which is a clash of inspiration from Prince, Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder. Having previously released under ‘DOM‘, the songwriter/producer accumulated over 100k streams in approximately 8 months. ‘Modern Native‘ serves as the next chapter in Dom Scialo’s adventures.

Never Know‘ gives us a glimpse into the creative mind and direction that ‘Modern Native‘ is looking to capture for future releases. If this is the case, it feels as if the path ahead of the artist is set to be bright. The tonality and vibrancy throughout provides such a pleasing aethetic. Easily guiding listeners towards a core that is spacious, whilst being surrounded by vibes that will allow this track to easily make most playlists.

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