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Moons Delux Release Debut Track 'Life In Transit'.

Moons Delux have firmly landed on the scene with the release of their debut track titled ‘Life In Transit‘.

Moons Delux consists of Johnny Oakley, Simon Lynch and Brian Kelly. The three of them have also made music previously as MonoakLondon Modular Alliance and The Living Stream respectively. The trio came together in 2015 and began making music together in Hackney Wick, East London. The band describe themselves as having a sound that is placed somewhere between Kraftwerk, Talking Heads and Paul Simon.
The three-piece have worked alongside talented producer/engineer Kristoffer Harris (Ghostpoet, Glass Peaks, Healyum) for the release of ‘Life in Transit‘.

As is typical of work that Kristofer Harris involves himself with, the release of ‘Life In Transit’ is one which will be seen as a strong debut with much more fantastic content to come.

There is a real sense of uniqueness and individuality to be found amongst the release. The way in which synths are used and often cross one another makes for a really open, spacious and atmospheric feeling whilst maintaining a professional sound and profile.

With such strength and assurance to the trios sound upon their debut, it does make you question just how far the three-piece can go. There is definitely a space in the market for them and we hope that they go on to make the most of their opportunity and to see much more from them in the future.

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