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Nadia Sheikh – Artist Selected Playlist

One of our most shouted about emerging artists here at Nexus Music Blog is undoubtedly Nadia SheikhNadia has not been short of praise in recent months, playing Isle of Wight Festival and committing herself to the creation of new content.

If you haven’t, then be sure to get your ears around the many tracks that Nadia has released. One of our absolute favourites is “Flip the Coin”. Melodic, dark, alluring and a track to absolutely crank to 11.

Anyway, praise aside, we managed to catch up with a rather busy Nadia for a rather unique Artist Selected Playlist. Be sure to take a look below and let us know your thoughts!



Don’t Look Back In Anger – Oasis

As corny as it sounds, this song literally changed my life and my
perception of music. Plus, when I was 15 Noel Gallagher dedicated it
to me at a concert in Barcelona!

Can’t Buy Me Love – The Beatles

My family are big fans of the Beatles and since I was a kid I
remember listening to them. I used to have the A Hard Day’s Night
film and Can’t buy me love used to be my favourite track on that.

Slipped Away – Avril Lavigne

Seeing Avril Lavigne live made me want to start playing the guitar,
so she definitely deserves a mention! Haha

Secret Door – Arctic Monkeys

I absolutely love the Arctic Monkeys. My favourite album of theirs
changes with the seasons, haha and currently I’m a lot into
Tranquillity Base Hotel and Casino and Humbug, so here one of my fave
tracks off of the latter.

Politik – Coldplay

I think Coldplay are a brill band, I do have to say I’m fonder if
their old material rather than the new albums though. A Rush is
Blood to the head is such a well crafted LP. It’s got such a mood
to it. I’ve always had a soft spot for the opening track, so here
it goes!

Local Boy In The Photograph – Stereophonics

I listen to Stereophonics a lot too, I think Kelly Jones has an
amazing and super heartfelt voice. I remember I was quite taken when
I found out the story about this song.

Rock n Roll Suicide – David Bowie

Another of my fave artists ever is David Bowie, The Rise and Fall of
Ziggy Stardust is an insane album and the last track is the perfect

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