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Nadia Sheikh Captivates With Her Musical Proficiency On Latest Track “Going Down”

Nadia Sheikh recently ventured onto our radar due to her appearance at this year Isle of Wight Festival. With an impressive display of her talents on her latest track “Going Down”, we felt that it’s a track that needs to be heard by a wide audience, and where better to provide that than here on Nexus?

Complete bias aside, Nadia Sheikh is a London based artist, providing an air of confidence in the ability to combine elements of indie, rock and pop with the addition of folky and jazzy vocals. This combination creates a tonality, and style which is displayed by other noteable artists such as Bryde, furthering the opinion that there is a unique depth and understanding to the construction of each and every one of Nadia’s releases.

Haunting vocals will easily sweep you into “Going Down“, with wonderful harmonies it keeps you in this state of engagement throughout. The guitar work that is heard throughout provides so much space in itself that if Nadia wished, she could create an accoustic version which would be carried by the understanding and talent displayed thoroughout both areas.

It is clear to hear there are various elements on display throughout “Going Down” that continue to cement Nadia Sheikh as having her finger on the pulse of audiences. The combination of genres, the ability to blend and artistically display creative decisions that add depth, emotion and feeling are indicators that there is so much left to come from Nadia. And it is that feeling which provides a sense of refreshing artistry whilst being honest and expressive.


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