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Nadia Sheikh Enters 2019 With ‘Toxic’

2019 is shaping up to be quite the year for releases from our favourite artists here at Nexus. As well as looking forward to discovering the latest in new music, we can’t help but shout about the latest single by Nadia Sheikh which is out this Friday! Be sure to check out her previous work though, just incase you are yet to hear her material!

Nadia Sheikh appeared to us last year following her appearance at Isle of Wight FestivalNadia is a London-based artist, unapologetically combining elements of indie, rock and pop with the addition of folky and jazzy vocals.

For the latest track ‘Toxic‘, Nadia has harnessed an approach which combines all of the previous elements of her work with additional flavourful direction. Taking no prisoners, Nadia delivers further with a driven and all-encompassing sound. There’s an undercurrent of vigor that adds further bite to an already gripping vocal performance, finalised in a neat three-minute musing that will spill effortlessly into you ears and rest anything but peacefully in your mind.

(Feature Image Credit: Carme Ripolles Martinez)

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