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Needing Something Smooth for Your Summers Day? You’ll Need To Hear Innocent, Trust Us.

Well howdy, campers! Thanks for pitching up your tent next to our latest post and rolling on over to join us on the cool side of cool. If there is even a cool side of cool in England at the moment, it’s 32 degrees roughly am I’m fairly sure I wasn’t always a liquid…

Pondering (Pond-ering?.. liquid… FINE, I’ll get on with it) random thoughts aside, Lost Like Alice has taken his talents to the latest track by Ryan M Hughes titled Innocent. 

Now, I don’t want to fanboy too much, because that wouldn’t be like me at all… But this latest track is absolutely amazing. “How amazing though Mike?” I hear you ask. Well, thanks to the magic of the internet and some dark magic I hold in my fingers (mainly copy and pasting URL links) I have provided the track below.

I don’t even know where to start with how much I love the feel of this track. It’s like Neo-Soul, Hip-Hop, some vocal sampling all placed together to make something unique, expressive and playful. It’s a creation that has seen Ryan Hughes lay down a calling card with his production skills, finely tuning the mood, vibe and feel of this latest track which suits the style of Lost Like Alice’s vocals and is one of the best blendings of artistic talent that we have heard recently.

It’s not hard to see nor hear how going forward, this artistic coupling could see the rise of a fantastic side project for Ryan and Ben (Lost Like Alice), resulting in something which blends both of their influences and creates something original that sees the both of them cast further into the radar of the best emerging talent currently around.








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