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Nelson Can Reveal New Single 'On Christmas Night'

We hear your yearning for the festive season here at Nexus. Your unwavering support for the purchasing of gifts, the dash for competitive alcohol prices and the very best displays in Shakespearean acting when you receive them yearly gifts that you were definitely not expecting.
Sarcasm and our typical Friday humour aside, it turns out that we are not the only ones who hear your cries for more Christmas related noise! Well, you can be pleased that this noise comes in the form of a track which eases you into the reality of Christmas a little easier than it being screamed into your inner subconsciousness. Yes Noddy Holder, I am looking at you!
Luckily, Danish trio Nelson Can have us covered with the release of their new single ‘On Christmas Night’. The trio of Nelson Can are made up of Selina Gin singing vocals, Maria Juntunen on drums and Signe SigneSigne on bass, with ‘On Christmas Night’ being released via Alcopop! Records.
‘On Christmas Night’ provides listeners with fantastic vocals throughout, with a lyrical blending of what Christmas entails from a Scandinavian point of view. The chorus highlights this concept through the lyrics “Solstice in sight! We don’t have to wait anymore. We will be bathed in light on Christmas night”. It may be a newer and less traditional view for those used to the old school vibe of Christmas songs that the Western world has, but it doesn’t feel unsuitable or all that different and is highly welcomed as a refreshing addition to our playlist.
Overall, ‘On Christmas Night’ is performed in a way that feels very similar to the vocal stylings of ‘Florence and The Machine’ and it does not disappoint. Additionally, the track is supported by an incredible instrumentation arrangement that would not be out-of-place if the track were to be used as a non-festive pop rendition. Space, a little dabble in sounds that nod to Christmas and an effective use of a minimal yet effective bass line will all go towards making your experience with this track as great as ours.
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