Nexus Does The World Cup 2018!

Nexus Has Got You Covered For Englands Semi-Final Game Against Croatia!

Psssst… Yeah, you. Do you need a playlist for the match? Something to get you in tune with the spirit of the beautiful game? If the answer is yes, then we have got a playlist for you!

We have got it all planned out*. We’ve got the national anthem for the start of the match, then 45 minutes of Three Lions, followed by some halftime tunes to take the edge off, then straight back to it with 45 minutes of the only track that matters!

We haven’t even bothered to add anything for any potential extra time because we just don’t need it. England, 3-1, you heard it here first!

*Nexus is not liable for any damage done to you or your surroundings due to the absolute feels you may experience off of any of the tracks. It is also advised to whisper the lyrics if you don’t want to attract a chorus of other supporters in a 50-mile radius.


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