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Nexus Meets … Artist – Get Inuit

In the run up to Reading Festival this weekend we have managed to catch up with Jamie from Kent based pop-punk band ‘Get Inuit‘ who lent us a few words. ‘Get Inuit’ are currently coming to the end of their 16 date tour which started back in July and ends in late September. The band have recently released their latest track titled ‘All My Friends‘ of which you can listen to the track and see the music video below.
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Jamie chats to us about how the band got togther, their background, the latest track ‘All My Friends‘ and the artists they aim to see at Reading Festival.
How did each of you get into music when you were growing up? Get Inuit 1

James (guitar) and Rob (drums) are brothers so they had been playing music together practically since birth. Whereas Oliver (bass) and I, sort of fell into music as a way of not having to get real careers.
What made each of you want to be in a band?
The babes. But more realistically, the idea that I can make something that makes people happy is an alluring concept for my messiah complex.
Do you have specific musical influences which have helped to shape your current sound?
We all had a mutual love for Beach Boys and Pixies – and wanted to find a way to combine the two. Over time we have developed more, but the dynamics and melodic influences always come from the same place.
In your opinion, how important is it for an emerging band to have a strong social media presence and how does Get Inuit achieve that?
For better or for worse, social media is extremely important for a band to reach a larger audience. We like to use it to show an insight into our personalities and comment on music that we are into. A lot of thought goes into it… sometimes too much.
We noticed that you often work with producer Kris Harris. How important is it for a band to have a working understanding with a producer?
We’re fortunate to know Kris Harris through growing up in the same town together. James and Kris produce all of our stuff and it’s great to have a relaxed environment to be creative. We trust each other to push boundaries in the studio
Get Inuit 2How has this working understanding added to your songwriting process and understanding of various techniques e.g arrangement?
Our arrangements have become more complex but I would argue not obviously to the listener. As a group we have began to make the most of each instrument, rather than overfilling each section of a song. Quality over quantity, it separates good melodies from the mess.
The latest track ‘All My Friends’ is up there as one of our favourites of 2017, how did the video idea come about?
I wanted to make a video that perhaps wouldn’t sit well with people. An obvious clash of the unwanted clown vs generally perceived happiness. The idea that settling down is all that we need to aim for scares me – although being the clown that has outgrown it’s use is also a daily fear. Basically, we’re all screwed.
Reading and Leeds Festival is on the horizon, how are you all feeling for that?
It’s a big moment for us. We try to treat every gig equally as all fans deserve to be given the best show that they can hear – but we might have to throw a few extra shapes on stage for this one.
Do you have any pre-performance routines or rituals?
Not really – just the usual “What’s the set?! Where’s my guitar?!” panic. We are not the best at emotional support.
Have you got any artists that you are hoping to see over the festival weekend?
Sigrid is playing right after our set. My aim is to become her best friend. After that, At The Drive In, Inheaven, Tigercub, Black Honey, to name a few, will all be getting a visit.
Feature Image by Phoebe Fox.

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